COVNA Event: Celebrate Mid -Autumn Festival, Welcome National Day
  • Sep 28, 2023

COVNA Event: Celebrate Mid -Autumn Festival, Welcome National Day

COVNA and all employees wish you all a happy family and reunion!

The Mid -Autumn Festival is the traditional festival of our Chinese nation. The history of development since its own history has always been a day for our Chinese nation to yearn for and pursuing.

On the night of the Mid -Autumn Festival, the moonlight is bright, also known as the autumn festival, reunion festival, August festival, etc., as well as the monthly sacrifice and moon watching is an important custom of festivals. The monument of "Wangyuelou". The ancient etiquette is combined with many myths and legends and many other factors in traditional Chinese culture, which eventually formed an important festival with rich connotation. The most famous of these is a series of myths around the Moon Palace, such as Chang'e Running Moon, Wu Gangju Gui, Tang Ming Emperor You Yue Palace, etc. The Yue Palace has a colorful neon -like aura to make it full of romantic colors.

During the Mid -Autumn Festival, the clouds were rare and bright, and the moonlight was bright and bright. In addition to holding a series of customs such as the moonlight appreciation, the moon sacrifice, and eating moon cake blessings. Moon cakes symbolize reunion. There were "small cakes like chewing moon, crispy and crickets", "Moon cakes are full of peach meat, ice cream sweet suction brushed" "one year's moonlight is the lowest late, and the hearts of thousands of people are appreciated" and so on. A good sentence.

The Mid -Autumn Festival is a day of reunion in the family. The family sat around and appreciated the beautiful scenery of Haoyue.

The People's Republic of China was established on October 1, 1949, so every year on October 1st is China National Day.

The National Day represents the country's independence and has its own independent national body and government. It can not only enhance the self -confidence of the nation, but also has long -term development help for the country, which is very important historical and political significance.

On the National Day, different forms of celebrations must be held to strengthen the patriotic awareness of the people in their country and strengthen the cohesion of the country. Congratulations to each other must also congratulate each other. Every five or ten years of National Day, some have to expand the scale. In order to celebrate National Day, governments of various countries usually hold a National Day enrollment, which will be hosted by the head of state, the head of the government, or the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and invite envoys and other important foreign guests in local countries to participate.

Finally, Covna wish you good health and work smoothly!