Love, never stop -COVNA in 2023 [Hope Primary School] Love donation activity
  • Dec 07, 2023

Love, never stop -COVNA in 2023 [Hope Primary School] Love donation activity

"As long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful world." Love is like a wide ocean. It can carry everything, flow between people, and give silently without asking for returns.

In order to make the eyes of thirsty knowledge no longer disappointed, in order to effectively improve the living conditions and learning environment of the children living conditions and learning environment of Xicun Township, Yalong Township, Dahua County. At the same time as the COVNA Group Corporation has never forgotten the role of social responsibility, it has launched public welfare activities and calling on more caring companies to join our ranks.

COVNA Group insists on the spirit of strong self and help others. The forces of all walks of life have organized love volunteers in 2016, 2018, 2019, and 2021. Sweeping the special poverty and sending the materials and condolences to the poverty -stricken children in the mountains.

Love, never stop

On December 1, 2023, COVNA's love messenger set off again and launched the "love, never stop" Kuwaida "Hope Primary School" love donation activity, continuing the hopes of fire, will bloom under this red sky.
After 8 hours of winding mountain roads, at 9 am, they arrived at their destination at 9 am. The love messenger immediately arranged on the scene to prepare various materials, and was full of excitement waiting for the children who had been delayed due to the epidemic. The children heard that we were coming and could not hold back the excitement.

"We meet again!"

After a brief welcome ceremony of the school teacher, the leader of Hong Gang, the initiator of COVNA hoped that the initiator of the primary school public welfare activities said excitedly: The road of love is not lonely. The partners of the entire group company have invested. Words. We firmly believe that every caring will bring warmth, confidence, and movement, transforming the great power to realize their dreams in the future. The master of Hong Gang hopes that the children will listen to the teachers and parents, study hard, strengthen their dreams, live wonderful, and have more ability to repay teachers, schools and society in the future!

The COVNA Love Group donated the school to the school, including water purifiers, electric meat grinders, induction cookers and other utensils; teaching supplies, sports products, school uniforms, schoolbags, and shoes and socks also presented special gifts for all teachers.

Let's play together happily!

After the donation ceremony, the love team conducted interactive games with the children, including tug of war, collective sign language exercises, etc. The children's face filled with bright smiles, and their eyes were shining with joy. They conveyed happy laughter and rendered the entire campus with innocent smiles.
Among them, the Love Group also arranged a fun English interactive classroom to allow children to broadcast the seeds of foreign language in advance to inspire the learning motivation and lay the foundation for future learning.

Go deep into the mountains, condolence

In addition, the COVNA Love Group went deep into the mountains and rural areas, condolences to the special trapped households, provided condolences to bring them a trace of warmth and care, to encourage their confidence in life, and to re-ignite their hope for the future. A positive look, a simple greeting, and an encouraging hug can make them feel warm and full of happiness in the cold wind.

Trends happiness with a smile

In just half a day of getting along and interacting, the children's innocent smiles and eager expectations made everyone participating in the event feel the powerful power of love and hope, and let us believe in the meaning of love activities. In order to improve the children's learning environment, donation items are also hoped to give children more confident and better growth forces. They can achieve better and can strive to chase their dreams.

In the end, COVNA once again issued an initiative to all sectors of the society: let us act, raise funds, donate materials, etc. in the mountains, and give your love! We solemnly promise: all donations are used for school education, all of them are used for school education, all of them are used for school education, all of them are used for school education, The use of the items and funds donated by the donations is open and transparent, accepting the supervision of all sectors of the society! Every penny and things you donate, we will remember

Merit, love forever!